Drive Efficiencies & Cost Savings with Global Vendor Management

C.H. Robinson’s latest white paper demonstrates how shippers can use global technology to manage orders further up the supply chain and develop more efficient processes to move their products to market.

Doing this helps them achieve new flexibility, cost savings, security and consistency in their supply chains.


Global vendor management requires visibility for purchase order (P.O.) management. An illustration shows how P.O. management could work, providing visibility to overall inventory, lowering transportation costs and ensuring on time deliveries.


Other diagrams show three ways that a global vendor management program might be structured. One model shows a company that delivers from multiple global suppliers to multiple customers. In another, a vendor assembly program provides fixed transit times and predictability for customers and consignees. In the final model—merge in transit—a company’s orders go directly to the customer, bypassing company facilities so there are no handling, inventory, or reshipping requirements.


The report concludes with 4 tips for shipping around the world for more efficient shipping in the EU and beyond.


Access the white paper here


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