Volvo unveils new autonomous electric trucks

Volvo pulled the wraps off a new system concept at the group's Innovation Summit in Berlin this September

Volvo has unveiled its new concept of autonomous electric vehicles for the logistics sector. The new trucks are electric and can operate autonomously via a wireless connection to a transport control centre.

The control centre monitors parameters such as each vehicle's location, load and battery charge, and then feeds the data into an overall fleet management outlook.

Volvo has taken the technology from its electric buses to provide the drivetrain for the new system.

The system is intended for use within areas characterised by short distances, large cargo volumes and high delivery precision, with the company giving the example of shipping goods between logistic hubs.

"This is yet another result of the exciting and innovative solutions we are working with in the areas of automation, electromobility and connectivity, says Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer Volvo Group. "It showcases the Volvo Group's immense range of expertise and our solid technological knowhow."

Volvo is aiming for the electrification of various vehicle categories, such as trucks, construction machines and marine and industrial applications.

"This puts us in a unique position for the development of next-generation transport solutions. Now we are continuing to pursue our development at a fast pace," says Stenqvist.

At the Innovation Summit in Berlin the Volvo Group also presented its LX2 construction machine, an electric compact wheel loader concept. The second-generation prototype is part of a research project and is not commercially available yet. The LX2 delivers far lower noise levels, improved efficiency and lower operating costs compared to its conventional counterparts.

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