Urgent review needed of Operation Brock

HGV drivers waiting to cross the English Channel are being left without appropriate hygiene facilities, food or water

Logistics UK have stated that Operation Brock, the traffic management system imposed in the UK county of Kent in order to keep vehicles on the move when there is travel disruption across the English Channel, is not working. The company says the scheme fails to provide HGV drivers with appropriate hygiene facilities, food and water.

Logistics UK are calling for an urgent review of the operation’s effectiveness. The system has been implemented recently for its first period of prolonged use, with the queuing system having no access to any facilities, and inconveniencing local residents with road diversions and disruption.

Helen Skinner, policy mangers – South at Logistics UK, is also asking for the rapid reinstatement of full ferry capacity because this has added to the traffic queues. Ferries have been out of action due to damage, bad weather and labour disputes. She says there is also increased friction at the border caused by Brexit.

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