Trucking Tech Infographic – Investment strategy, Future outlook, and the Space for Innovation

EFT has just released an infographic on trucking IT, providing the industry with a snapshot on investment trends, impactful technologies and innovation gaps in the trucking space.

Based on a survey of over 200 top executives conducted in November of 2014, the infographic was designed to provide industry executives with a quick, easily digestible overview of some of the latest trends in technology in trucking.  


Click here to access the infographic directly


Key findings include:

  • Increased interest by fleet executives in TMS improvements – 32% wanting improvements

  • IT budgets showing signs of increases – 57% reporting increases

  • Only 5% of fleets reported decreased budgets


‘Technology is increasingly a key differentiator for logistics companies.’ Said Chris Saynor, CEO of  EFT. ‘Trucking is no exception, and so seeing recovery in IT budgets is a trend we expected to see as demand picks up in the recovering economy.’


The infographic is a pre-cursor to the full-fledged Trucking Technology Report which will be released in January 2014.

If you're interested in this type of information, be sure to check-out EFT’s transport technology events. Senior operations & IT executives will be gathering at:

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