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Article by Kevin O'Meara from 10x Logistics published on November 10th 2013

I have reported on XPO logistics a lot as it fascinates me how a company comes out of nowhere and becomes so large so fast. It also amazes me just how much money a company can lose and still be wildly successful (think But, since I am not a financial person I trust Bradley Jacobs understands these financial rules and is using them to his advantage.

The real reason I listen to their calls every quarter is no CEO I know of is as honest, direct, and has as much just common sense as Brad Jacobs. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him a few weeks ago and for someone who has done as much as he has, he really is a down to earth person who knows this business well (especially for someone who is relatively new to the brokerage business) and, something that is refreshing, he is very upfront and honest. So, listening to what he has to say about the industry is very interesting.

On this quarter's conference call he said three things which really were insightful on the market and match what I have said relative to telling shippers not to engage in the fear trade. Here they are (Paraphrase):

  1. This is a lousy business environment for brokerage companies due to the fact that shippers do not have much of a problem finding trucks. The reason for this is the market is balanced at best case (for transportation providers) and may even be edging to the shipper. The shipper has no problem finding trucks (except for unique and specific lanes). 
  2. XPO is able to find trucks and is able to "clear their board" relatively early in the day so it is pretty clear that trucks are available.  
  3. This is probably the most important: When he was asked if he is seeing any issues with Hours of Service or other regulatory issues he clearly said no.  In fact, he said that the one thing which he hears most is just the transportation companies complaining about it.  
My mind is not made up on brokerage in general or XPO for the long haul.  I still wonder why good transportation departments need a "middle man" but I know there are reasons - I always think of them as back up capacity - but people do use them for their core transportation. The dream of the internet was to eliminate the "middle man" yet in this space the middle man seems to be growing.  
Having said all that, I listen to the XPO call every quarter as you can learn a lot about what appears to be a strong emerging company and the industry in a very straightforward manner. 
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