Kodiak Robotics and SK Inc. aim their autonomous trucks at APAC markets

The self-driving truck technology will be brought to Asia’s $1.5 trillion freight market

Credit: PRNewsfoto/Kodiak Robotics

Kodiak Robotics, Inc., a self-driving trucking company, and SK Inc., a holding company of SK Group, have announced a partnership to bring the Kodiak Driver, the company’s self-driving technology, to the Asian-Pacific (APAC) markets. As part of this relationship, SK will work with Kodiak to find new business opportunities across the region, and the companies will work together to provide fleet management services for customers in Asia.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for the company as it works towards international expansion. Asia represents a $1.5 trillion freight market, making this a key opportunity for Kodiak's international operations.

Kodiak will look to leverage SK’s products, components and technology for its autonomous system, including AI microprocessors and advanced emergency braking systems. SK's network of companies has deep roots in numerous industries critical to the future of logistics, from trucking telematics to shipping to semiconductors.

"Our partnership with Kodiak will help accelerate the commercialization of self-driving trucks in Asia," said Jungho Shin, executive vice president of SK Inc. "We look forward to working with Kodiak to make autonomous trucking a reality around the globe."

"SK has an impressive list of companies that enables and fast tracks our Asian expansion," said Don Burnette, Kodiak's Co-founder & CEO. "Our technology paired with SK's deep relationships with Asia's leading logistics and technology partners offers Kodiak a unique opportunity to expand our global footprint and commercialize the Kodiak Driver across the Asia-Pacific region."

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