CEVA partners with TOWER to launch new cold chain solution for pharmaceutical market

CEVA Logistics are pleased to announce the launch of the KryoTrans KTM (KryoTrans Modular) modular pallet shipper

The the KryoTrans KTM (KryoTrans Modular) a new solution for shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products in a secure environment at a consistent temperature.
The innovative KTM solution represents the combination of CEVA’s and TOWER’s experience and capabilities. The two companies have worked together to develop the KTM solution specifically for the pharmaceutical market. Selecting the correct packaging system requires an understanding of transportation logistics, the environment the shipment will be exposed to during transit as well as access and the ability to handle shipments in transit to maintain the cold chain.
The modular container is designed to provide a secure and flexible means of transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical products such as vaccines. It is capable of being used at -20, 2-8 and 15 to 25 degrees Centigrade using phase-change materials and at temperatures from -20 to -60 degrees Centigrade using dry ice. The containers are capable of maintaining the temperature for up to six days; critical when shipping temperature sensitive life saving drugs around the world.
The KTM’s modular construction allows it to be produced in 12 different sizes, accepting palletized loads that range from half height Euro pallet to double height, double length U.S. pallet. The KTM comes equipped with the KryoLogger data logger, which provides a full internal temperature audit trail, plus external temperature traces and a proximity sensor that logs occasions upon which the door is opened.
Leigh Pomlett, CEVA’s President, Europe, commented: “Flu vaccines are just one of the many pharmaceuticals that need to be maintained at a precise temperature to retain their efficacy; having to replace even one case of these critical products comes at a high cost. The partnership between CEVA and TOWER facilitates the implementation of well planned, secure and compliant cold chain logistics to enable our customers to reach patients worldwide through CEVA’s network of healthcare facilities across the globe.”
TOWER’s CEO, Chris Pollard, said: “For some time our pharmaceutical customers have been telling us that they would like to see the widely admired KryoTrans technology employed within a container large enough to accept palletized loads. To accommodate the variety of sizes needed, we have developed a modular solution that incorporates the same product security principles of KryoTrans, with the capability of accepting both Euro and U.S. pallets in three different heights. The containers have been optimized to make the best use of aircraft cargo space. We are appreciative of CEVA’s enthusiastic support and knowledge on this project and look forward to working with them to bring this powerful and innovative new product to our customers.”
This latest innovation builds on the successful launch of the City of Pharma in Stradella, Italy, the focal point of Italian logistics flows and the intersection of major Italian communication, rail and road routes, and the opening of a cold chain hub in Miami which helps speed the delivery of vaccines throughout Latin America.

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