Is EDI dead? We asked 200 Supply Chain Executives on Their Thoughts

With data playing an ever increasing role in supply chain, eft wanted to explore one of the technologies that has been a mainstay of data interchange for over 30 years – EDI. Why does it still exist? Do people in the industry really like it?

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – is a set of protocols used by many players in the supply chain to transmit data to one another. It helped transform a paper-heavy process to one using computers. Technology has advanced huge amounts since the inaugural roll-out of EDI. Today data has become a major value-centre for the supply chain. Does EDI still have what it takes to transfer information effectively with today’s business velocity?

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Some facts we uncovered on EDI:

  •  85% of the industry polled is still using EDI
  • 43% of them are frustrated, but of the 57% that aren’t, there is a strong sense that its days are numbered
  •  55% are considering web service APIs as an alternative to EDI

‘As the amount of data increases in supply chain, and mobile drives more and more the way information is collected and transmitted, it seems like EDI’s days are numbered’ said Haley Garner, Head of Research at eft. ‘The main drivers for using EDI remain cost, its standards and established nature. That being said, these issues also all surfaced as negatives for the technology.’

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