The Week of November 30th: 10 things eft's been reading

Retail profits, Automation rises, AI drains brains.

1. This is innovation at its finest - and an answer to a question I’m sure we’ve all had. ‘Here's How Much Amazon Prime Customers Spend Per Year.’ [Fortune]

2. Automation’s next vestige in retail. ‘Wal-Mart's new robots scan shelves to restock items faster.’ [Reuters]

3. We had Laura Behrens Wu on a ‘startups in supply chain’ panel back in 2013 or 2014. ‘Shippo snags $20M in its quest to help the little guy compete with Amazon and Walmart.’ [FastCompany]

4. The future of retail. ‘The checkout line’s death knell | The Future IRL.’ [engadget]

5. Automation = more jobs? ‘Why the explosive growth of e-commerce could mean more jobs.’ [Yahoo Finance]

6. Is the fate of Tesla at stake? ‘Musk Still in Production Hell as Gigafactory Delays Model 3.’ [Bloomberg]

7. Marketing and supply chain are tied more than ever. ‘Amazon launches Black Friday deals — 50 days early.’ [RetailDive]

8. Alibaba continues to impress. ‘Another blockbuster quarter for Alibaba as revenue surges 61%.’ [TechCrunch]

9. Nike’s doing its bit to survive amongst competition. ‘Nike’s plan to shave a month off its shoe delivery times.’ [Quartz]

10. Ironically AI is causing a brain drain. ‘Big tech firms' AI hiring frenzy leads to brain drain at UK universities.’ [The Guardian]


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