The Inside Scoop: Future of Omnichannel Supply Chain and How Leading Retailers are Building their Strategy

Having complete inventory visibility for effective demand-planning and a robust distribution and supply chain network, are the two key things to master in order to be truly omnichannel.

We spoke with supply chain game changers from Target, The Home Depot, Birchbox, M&S and DSW to understand how their omnichannel supply chain roadmap looks like.

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Plus, we also summarized the key-takeaways from these interviews and have presented them in a whitepaper. This includes industry statistics, survey results, as well direct view-points of the aforementioned executives. Highlights include:

  • Consumer-driven supply chain
  • Cross-functional collaboration and change-management
  • Redesign of stores, warehouses and distribution centres
  • Supplier and 3PL partnerships
  • Inventory visibility, accurate demand forecasting, efficient fulfilment and automatic replenishment
  • Business-technology alignment

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Hope you find this valuable as you prepare for the future!

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