Amazon introduces surcharge for third-party sellers

The retail giant will add a fuel and inflation surcharge for those using their fulfilment services

Credit: Amazon

Amazon is attempting to offset some of its rising costs by adding a fuel and inflation surcharge to the exiting fees collected from US third-party sellers using the company’s fulfilment services.

The charge began on 28 April, and applies to all product types. The subject will be subject to a later review.

UPS is currently charging a fuel surcharge of 42 cents and FedEx’s fee is 49 cents, so Amazon’s rate of 24 cents per unit is below the rate of its key competitors.

Sellers which use Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) are already subject to fees when storing their inventory in the company’s warehouses, or when they use the company’s supply chain or shipping operations.

A report by Jungle Scout indicates that about 89% of the two million-plus sellers on Amazon used FBA in 2021.

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