Unlocking Opportunity through Customer-Centric Fulfillment Innovation

Push boundaries through technology

- Understand what is means to be customer-centric through a relentless focus on iterating & improving fulfillment operations to get product to your customer quickly & cost-effectively.

- Minimize restocking challenges & lower labor costs by enabling a fulfillment network that can seamlessly scale up and down whenever demand changes.

- Critically analyze redundancy and waste throughout your fulfillment network in order to unlock opportunities to drive down your carbon footprint.


- Jasmine Lombardi, Chief Customer Officer, Locus Robotics

- Andres Mendoza Pena, Partner, Kearney

- Jeff Wolpov, Senior Vice President, Ryder E-Commerce by Whiplash

- Michael Trembley, CIO & SVP of Operations, a.k.a Brands