Driving Speed & Accuracy in Healthcare Fulfillment through Automation

Warehouses with primarily manual processes are no longer viable to meet many businesses throughput volumes especially in healthcare. Healthcare supply chain leaders must leverage interconnected warehouse automation to boost productivity and efficiency.

  • Learn about the unique challenges in the healthcare supply chain that are driving innovation in the warehouse and the lessons that can't be learnt by other industries.
  • Understand the key metrics that companies are using to ensure there is value from warehouse automation investments.
  • Find out advice and best practices from companies that are starting to implement automation projects in the warehouse.


  • Jerry Searls, Director, Global Logistics Optimization, Medical Segment GMSC, Cardinal Health
  • Mike Packer, Director of Healthcare Automation and Implementation, UPS Healthcare
  • Steve Branch, Vice President, Locus Robotics
Thursday, February 16, 2023