From challenges to solutions: a yearly overview of freight risk management and enhancing your procurement initiatives

Featuring expert speakers:

  • Andrew Leto, CEO And Founder, Emerge.
  • Randy R Cooper, Director Of Transportation and Supply Chain Engineering, Del Monte.
  • Mihai Stroe, Director Global Transportation, Amer Sports.

Reflect & strategise:

Evaluate challenges and evolutionary shifts in freight operations.

Learn how to prioritize key metrics for proactive risk management through effective strategic planning.

Collaborate & innovate:

Explore common challenges faced by transportation providers in aligning with freight strategies.

Discover strategies for effective collaboration with shippers and understand the role of technology in enhancing service offerings.

Tech-driven efficiency:

Uncover how Emerge's platform addresses pain points in freight procurement for enterprise shippers.

Dive into platform adaptations, new features, and success stories showcasing improved procurement efficiency.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024