Video: Jordan Kass VP Management Services C.H. Robinson- The Global Control Tower

Jordan Kass, VP Management Services, C.H. Robinson participated at our recent eft flagship event in Amsterdam (11th Annual EU 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum).

As a speaker at this conference, Kass delivered a presentation on removing the bottle necks and the ‘Global Control Tower.’

His session began with the idea that the ‘world is changing and that change in the world today is driven by technology.’

Jordan Kass’ presentation can be found here

Jordan opened his presentation by revealing “50% of the world has a smartphone which they check 150 times a day, every 6.5 minutes on average” when he compared the Pope announcements of 2005 and the ones of 2013, as the image below shows, we are clearly connected in a different way today than we were 8 years ago.



Jordan went on to discuss the change in the world affecting the industry. The eft team caught up with him during one of the breaks, where he explained: “As supply chains are changing, shippers need to adapt their organizations…”  He expressed how the ‘Global Control Tower’ was a key way for shippers to initiate that change. Kass also explained that the ‘Global Control Tower’ approach “has been implemented successfully, it’s mostly about shippers taking the time to examine it as a concept and if it’s a right shift…”

In his presentation he highlighted 68% of global transportation management are looking for the right solution. They’re looking for “complex multi-leg shipments, international shipments, optimization/load building and global visibility.” Furthermore, “100% shippers ship in multiple formats, dealing with longer and shorter lead times, more suppliers, more carriers, and more modes of transport than ever before.” He concluded by emphasising the ‘Global Control Tower’ provides a platform with 360 degree visibility, capability to add all mode and services and business intelligence (real time data which is manageable).

View his full video here

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