Video: Eddy Wouters on Diversity & Commoditization

Eddy Wouters, VP EU & Middle East at APL Logistics shared his thoughts on diversity and commoditization as he participated in our recent eft event in Amsterdam (11th Annual EU 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum)

The eft team caught up with him during the networking break to hear some more of his thoughts. One of the biggest questions that needs attention right now is ‘How to avoid sliping into a commodity when we know margins are scarce?’ said Wouters.


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According to our research, only 13% of individuals believe their company is not doing enough to encourage employee diversity, yet “recent surveys suggest that globally the number of women participating in the industry is as low as 20% to 30%” (pwc, transportation & logistics, 2030).

So why are there so few women within this industry?

WNS proposed a model of some barriers which affect women in leadership roles:

There are three main themes explained, the first being the self, suggesting that women themselves are hindering their possibilities by having to balance their work and home life responsibilities, networking less than men, being reluctant to promote themselves, and not as willing to change roles. The second aspect impeding their possibilities is the organisation itself. This is due to: an absence of women role models, HR responsibilities and the lack of willingness to allocate budgets for women development. Finally the management team, the little senior management commitment, men’s resentment of women in leadership roles and the unconscious biases/perceptions/stereotyping of women in leadership roles.

So what are companies doing to balance their diversity?

Companies like IBM have Chief Diversity Officers who ensure the diversity exists throughout. The panel agreed that diversity makes for an overall better company. “Not only is it more attractive to the right type of talent but it also gives us more diverse views on what really should be done. However, having to increase the amount of women in top leadership roles by 3% for statistics purposes (like we do at APL Logistics) does not drive the right type of behaviour” believes Eddy Wouters.



Watch the video here




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