Venlo-Venray the Out-And-Out Winner of the Logistics Hotspot Vote, 2015

The region of Venlo-Venray is declared the big winner of the Logistics Hotspot vote, 2015. This region of North Limburg renews its status as the number one Logistics Hotspot in the Netherlands by scoring the most number of points in all six categories on...


Venlo-Venray has a panel of 35 experts to thank for its position as number 1 in the Logistics Hotspot chart. These experts gave the region the highest scores for available infrastructure, accessible logistical hubs, availability of land and premises, degree of cooperation from national and local government, and the deployment and motivation of personnel. 


SMART Logistics Centre Venlo

The panel of experts particularly praised the Venlo-Venray region for the growth in activity at the logistics companies’ industrial park, Trade Port Noord, the launch last year of the public-private venture SMART Logistics Centre Venlo, and the efforts made to improve the multimodal accessibility of the logistical hotspot. Ingrid Vermeer, the SMART LCV programme manager for Industriebank LIOF, reflects enthusiastically about its success: “Over the last year, logistics companies have worked hard with the government and research institutes to achieve this. We regard its first place as a reward for these joint efforts.”


Top European region

Deputy Twan Beurskens (Economy and Knowledge Infrastructure, Province of Limburg) values the role played SMART Logistics Centre. “I am proud of the fact that this is an enterprise initiative. They are working hard to strengthen the position of the Venlo-Venray region even further in the field of logistics, as well as in the research in this field. Naturally, the government is happy to support these efforts. Winning the logistics hotspot vote is a justified recognition of their efforts, and brings us a step closer to our goal: to become a top European region.” 


Highest climber for the Rivierenland region

Runner-up last year, Tilburg-Waalwijk maintained its second position this year by earning second place in all six scoring categories. However, out of nowhere, the Rivierenland region (Tiel-Geldermalsen) leapt from 14th place last year to 5th position this year. 


Venlo-Venray seven-times winner

In 2005 the industry magazine ‘Logistiek’ launched its annual Logistical Hotspot vote. Since then, Venlo-Venray has won as many as seven times; West-Brabant has won on three occasions. 


Investment pays 

Venlo executive board member Stephan Satijn (Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure) takes pride in holding on to the Logistical Hotspot number 1 position for another year: “My first reaction was: investment pays. What we see in the region is a huge combining of forces. Enterprise, education, and government are investing heavily – on all fronts – with the joint aim of making the regional economy future proof. This picture is recognised by logistical suppliers.” 


Powerful logistical region

Satijns’ colleague Jan Loonen, Venray’s executive board member for Economic Affairs, says of the recognition: “This is yet another great compliment for the region. We have proved yet again that we are a very strong logistical region with, working well together. Just look at Smart LCV, for example. Businesses in Venray have also given their best over the last year, as we can see from the fact that we have a newcomer and a number of significant business expansions in the field of logistics at our industrial parks De Blakt and Smakterheide.”


Top 20 Logistical Hotspots 

The full results of the vote reveal that Venlo-Venray and Tilburg-Waalwijk are followed as logistical hotspots by West-Brabant ((Bergen op Zoom-Roosendaal-Moerdijk-Breda), the Port of Rotterdam, the Rivierenland region (Tiel-Geldermalsen), Oss-Veghel/Uden-Eindhoven, Schiphol, Arnhem-Nijmegen, the Port of Amsterdam, Maasvlakte I and II, the South Limburg region (Maastricht-Heerlen-Geleen), the Twente region (Almelo-Enschede-Hengelo), Roermond-Echt-Susteren, Almere-Zeewolde, the A12 Corridor (Zoetermeer-Waddinxveen-Lansingerland), Zwolle-Kampen-Meppel, Delfzijl-Eemshaven, the Liemers region (Duiven-Westervoort-Zevenaar), Heerenveen, and Vlissingen-Terneuzen.


The judges

This year, a panel of 35 experts took on the task of drawing up the Logistics Map of the Netherlands, and identifying the top 20 most important logistical hotspots. Each with a voting form in hand, the panel members awarded points to each of the competing logistical hotspots.


Ceremony at De Maaspoort theatre

This evening, confirmation that Venlo-Venray retains its position as number 1 on the Logistics Hotspot chart for the Netherlands will be celebrated at De Maaspoort theatre in Venlo, when the SMART Logistics Trophy will be presented. The press is very welcome to attend. The event begins at 19.00.


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