Varner Retail Expands Cooperation with DB Schenker Logistics

Varner Retail will expand its cooperation with DB Schenker effective 1 April 2014. The new contract means that Varner Group shops in Norway move all store distribution to DB Schenker.

Varner Group is a group with international fashion shops.

“We have conducted a thorough process to find the best transportation provider in Norway and the conclusion was that DB Schenker delivered the best and most innovative solution,” says Anders Eriksson, Head of Logistics, Varner Group. We need a stable and reliable partner that can contribute towards our total logistics solutions. For us, DB Schenker is the right choice.”

Eriksson says that the conclusion was no surprise as DB Schenker already had a large proportion of their transport for many years. “Now we put everything in the DB Schenker basket to get the synergies of greater operational solutions.” Value of the contract during the contract period through 2015 will be an estimated twelve million euros.

“We like good overall solution where our goods are in a partially dedicated supply chain that allows us to deliver to 95 percent of our stores during the morning,” says Eriksson. “Just in time deliveries makes our shop staff get a simpler life and can focus on sales.”

The project will contribute to a higher utilization of our Alnabru hub in Oslo and our network throughout Norway,” says Bjørn Tore Elstad, director sales and customer solutions, Schenker AS. “I am very happy that Varner Group focuses 100 percent on us as their supplier. This means that we increase our volumes at Varner Group from 1.2 million parcels to approximately 3.5 million parcels.”

There will be a visible increase in parcels at Alnabru because Varner Group has decided to put the transport by PostNord over to DB Schenker. “We have tested the new solution and the results shows that we will not have any problems with the volumes from Varner Retail,” says Sales Manager Marit Dyrli, Schenker AS. “Daily, there will be eight trucks from Varner’s store in Vestby and at Gardermoen. To ensure the management of the project, a separate control tower with a dedicated team will ensure high delivery quality.”

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