The Status of Women in the Logistics Industry

This infographic shows how women in the logistics industry are portrayed in education and the workplace, this also shows the difference in earnings between men and women.

eft CEO, Chris Saynor, explains that “The fact that less than a fifth of management positions within the logistics industry are currently held by women is a travesty. There is a huge pool of female talent simply not being utilized to the detriment of those companies and the wider industry. When you dig deeper you also find that women working in supply chain are paid on average 20% less than their male counterparts for the same position; this has to change.” Chris Saynor then continues “eft hopes to help redress this gender imbalance by including a debate on women in logistics at the upcoming CSCO Forum and 3PL Summit in Chicago on June 11-13. To increase the participation of females at this important industry event, we are also making a number of passes worth over $3000 completely free to female supply chain and logistics executives and further passes will be available at big discounts, so please contact us for more details if you or your colleagues are interested.”

See full infographic here


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