Revolutionary Logistics Concept Makes Conference Debut at 3PL Summit

Dedola Global Logistics (DGL), a leading international freight forwarder, announced that eyefortransport’s 11th 3PL Summit will mark the conference debut of their revolutionary 10PL concept.

Along with the announcement, Dedola released two videos featuring COO Stephen Dedola to mark the occasion.   

Initially dismissed as impossible, 10PL has slowly gained a groundswell of support among logisticians and supply chain practitioners.  However, this year’s 3PL Summit signals the concept’s mainstream breakthrough.  “With 10PL, this year’s 3PL Summit will be at least three times better than last year. It’s simple math really” commented Dedola. 

Chris Saynor, CEO of eyefortransport elaborated on the decision to invite Stephen Dedola “we pride ourselves on having a great eye for transport. When I spotted 10PL, I knew we found something unique.”       

After recognizing a void in the logistics landscape, DGL originally launched 10PL on April 1, 2012.  “We realized that other providers were hitting a wall at 3 and 4PL.  So, I asked my operations department what they thought was possible, then, I added a few extra “PL”, and the idea was born” explained Dedola.

DGL views its new service as a reprimand to the style over substance marketing approach of some 3PL/4PL providers.  “Unfortunately, some company’s use 3PL as a buzzword to hide behind rather than a true supply chain integration service,” elaborated Dedola. “We see 10PL as a holistic way for best of breed supply chains to create actual synergy in their logistics paradigm.”

Eager to avoid the one hit wonder label, Dedola promises to continue redefining the supply chain lexicon with new services like their reverse logistics offering “Scitsigol” (read it backwards) and their distinct blend of technology and logistics – “Technogistics.” 

Stephen Dedola will be appearing live and in person at the 11th Annual 3PL Summit in Chicago from June 18-20, 2013. Registration and more information can be found at  More information about 10PL can be found at


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