Geodis BM handles all Heineken logistics flows for a three-year period

Geodis BM has signed a three-year contract with Heineken to handle its logistics flows across France.

Since 1 March 2013, Geodis BM has been coordinating all Heineken transport flows in France. 

Geodis BM also manages the transport of 30% of Heineken goods to customers and between the brewer’s sites (Marseille in the south of France, Schiltigheim in the east of France and Mons-enBaroeul in the north of France). In a further reflection of the enhanced working relationship between Geodis and Heineken, the contract includes part of the logistics flows for France Boissons, a Heineken subsidiary. 
The strategic new contract also marks Geodis’s determination to develop multi-modal transport to tie in with the Heineken group’s environmental policy. As part of that drive, Geodis BM makes significant use of combined rail-road transport. 
Geodis BM has rolled out a singular multi-business coordination system to better manage anticipation stocks, seasonal variations and promotional periods through a high-performance Transport Management System, or TMS. This unique resource, developed by Geodis BM, connects all the players in the supply chain. It covers transport order dispatch, operational service providers, service monitoring, the management of delivery appointments and load capacities by the shipping sites (breweries and warehouses), the management of last-minute orders, and the management of quality reporting and the performance of each person involved.
The result is precise monitoring, productivity gains and guaranteed optimal quality across the supply chain. 
Commenting, Olivier Melot, Managing Director of Geodis BM, said: “We have been working alongside Heineken since 2008. Our key priority was to bring our customer a strategic flow management solution that fulfils its expectations and corresponds to its future needs. We are very proud to have won the trust of Heineken and to have made Geodis BM the leading partner of its supply chain in France.”
Guy Duringer, Director of Customer Service and Logistics at Heineken France and project head, added: “Geodis BM has since 2010 proved the efficiency of its flow management model. Our satisfaction with this experience has made us choose Geodis BM today as the unique coordinator of our transport activities for three years. With the new contract, Geodis BM is taking on more strategic responsibilities (progress plan, continuous improvement) and broadening its business scope with the opening up of one of our subsidiaries France Boissons and with increased volumes.”
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