Free shipping vs. Fast shipping, Self-service vs. Consultative Engagement, Personal vs. Technological – Changes, Challenges and Opportunities in Logistics as Explained by 3 C-level Executives

Chuck Moyer, CEO of Express Courier, Doug Waggoner, CEO of Echo Global Logistics and Scott McWilliams, Executive Chairman and CCO of OHL share their insight into some of the major areas logistics is changing, the associated challenges and the...

eft has just completed 3 insightful executive Q+As, providing a candid glimpse into the C-level perspective of the industry. The Q+As explore such topics including e-commerce, same-day shipping, the role of technology in logistics – for better or for worse, and what it’s going to take logistics companies to succeed in the coming years.

‘The biggest challenge that’s still ahead of us with the same day trend is the need for newer distribution centers or stores in the middle of population centers.’ Says Doug Waggoner, CEO of Echo, with regards to same-day delivery. However, Scott McWilliams, Executive Chairman of OHL highlights the fact that ‘consumers are more interested in free shipping than they are in fast shipping’. Yet ultimately, ‘shippers and carriers that share a vision, are willing to dedicate the resources, and partner will achieve success together.’ Explains Chuck Moyer, CEO of Express Courier.

To hear more from these leaders, be sure to download the Q+A series here.

All three executives will be speaking at this year’s 3PL Summit, June 11-13 in Chicago – your chance to gain further insight into their businesses and gain a better understanding of their industry take.

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