Fidelitone Logistics Expands Last Mile Delivery Service

Fidelitone Logistics Expands Last Mile Delivery Services by Merger with Purnell Furniture Services Inc. and Advanced Delivery Systems Inc.


 Fidelitone Logistics, an industry leader in third party logistics (3PL) and supply chain performance, is pleased to announce a merger with industry leading third-party logistics provider, Purnell Furniture Services Inc. and their wholly owned subsidiary, Advanced Delivery Systems, Inc. (ADS).

Purnell is a Virginia-based company that provides last mile delivery services for furniture retailers throughout the east coast. This acquisition strengthens a core logistics service for Fidelitone while providing home delivery expertise for a key industry, retail furniture.

Fidelitone Logistics has always looked for opportunities to enhance their existing logistic service offerings: both organically and by merger. The addition of Purnell's regional support centers increases Fidelitone's last mile delivery footprint to include nearly 80% of the US population.

"We are very excited to join forces with the talented logistics professionals at Purnell," shared Josh Johnson, President of Fidelitone Logistics. "This partnership not only strengthens a core service offering, but provides a great deal of industry expertise and a strong history of delivering client satisfaction. As a company founded with the principle of customer focus, this acquisition was an obvious fit."

Richard Purnell, President of Purnell Fidelitone Services, agrees. "To be meaningful in home delivery, a service provider requires a national last mile delivery network. Separately Purnell, ADS and Fidelitone have been pursuing this objective. By joining forces, our customers benefit overnight from a significantly expanded footprint while still enjoying the level of service they have come to expect from their trusted providers."

The transaction was completed on December 31, 2012 and brings the US-based Fidelitone Logistics service area to over 40 locations. This newly-formed partnership demonstrates Fidelitone, Purnell and ADS' commitment to continuous improvement and delivering on its mission to be one solution for developing satisfied customers every time.



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