eft’s 2015 North American 3PL Awards – shippers rate their LSPs

eft recognises year on year those 3PLs that deliver consistent excellence in contract logistics operations for their customers.

This year, in an effort to provide even more valuable customer feedback for the industry, manufacturers and retailers will be rating the services of their providers according to five metrics. This is will be in addition to the ‘popular’ vote that we conduct year on year.

The five metrics shippers will be using to rate their 3PL are:

1.       Innovation / New ideas and solutionsThe degree to which the 3PL you’re working with proactively provides your organization with innovation, new ideas and new solutions to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

2.       Leadership/Management & Relationship DevelopmentThe level of dedication the senior leadership team of your 3PL has towards developing the business relationship with your organization and working to understand the nature of your business.

3.       ReliabilityThe reliability of the service provided by your 3PL including on-time delivery, security, comprehensiveness of distribution network, ability to accommodate requests, etc.

4.       Customer Service & Speed of response to queries and problemsThe degree to which your 3PL is accessible, helpful and effective in helping tackle business queries, service emergencies and problems that crop up.

5.       Value for moneyWhether you think the 3PL you are using provides you with the service-level you expect at the appropriate price-level.




eft CEO, Chris Saynor, explains further:“this year, for the first time shippers will also be asked to rate all the 3PLs they use in five different metrics providing a true snapshot of not only the most popular but really the ‘best-in-class’ 3PL which eft will be carefully analysing and providing a report for the top rated 3PLs in the 10 different industry verticals.”


Customer voting will be open from 19th of January, 2015 until the 12th of March with full results announced at the 2015 3PL Summit, Chicago, June 16-18.


For more information, visit the 3PL Awards 2015 website.Or contact Magali Mathieu – mmathieu@eft.com - +442074224327 


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