eft Weekly Newsletter April 10th

European Supply Chain Day & executive Q&A's with Dell, Echo Global Logistics, and more

Happy European Supply Chain Day! As the first ever in Europe, eft introduced the hash tag #SC4ME last week to collect some views on what supply chain means for people in the industry. I've put together most of these quotes together in my column article as well as added my own. We also have great new columnist articles, Steve Brady looks into how to introduce Google Glass to your supply chain, Cathy Morrow looks at Apps and the Logistics Industry and Andrea Obston interviews Chuck Moyer, who will be speaking at our 3PL Summit in Chicago on the 11th-13th of June

Happy Supply Chain Day!

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New This Week: 

Happy Supply Chain Day! #SC4ME
eft has been supporting and promoting the first-ever European Supply Chain Day which is occurring today (April 10th). The idea of the day is to celebrate the success of logistics as well as raise awareness of the great career opportunities that exist within this profession

Executive Q&As - Change Challenges & Opportunities
Chuck Moyer, CEO of Express Courier, Doug Waggoner, CEO of Echo Global Logistics and Scott McWilliams, Executive Chairman and CCO of OHL share their insight into some of the major areas logistics is changes, the associated challenges and the opportunities set to take the industries by storm. 
eft Customer Choice Awards Celebrate Leading 3PL
The eft 3PL Awards recognize those 3PLs that consistently deliver excellence in logistics operations and superior service to their customers. These will take place this year on June 11th 2014 in Chicago. 

New Column: The Benefits of Google Glass to your Supply Chain
Steve Brady's first column: As we enter the age of 'wearables' Google Glass can provide your supply chain with a new way to solve old problems. Brady explains how Google Glass can be used to read a bar code, connect to a database, etc…

New Column: Going Mobile – Apps & the Logistics Industry
Apps now represent 86% of the time users spend on their mobile phone - What does this mean for the logistics industry? According to 2012 data from Forbes and Google, over half of business executives in the U.S. said that within the next three years, they plan to use mobile devices as their primary business platform as opposed to PCs

New Column: Q&A: Chuck Moyer on Changes, Challenges & Opportunities
Andrea Obston interviews Chuck Moyer on ecommerce and and the changing face of same-day, the escalating demand of same-day and the impact of technology. Click on the Q&A image below to read the full interview. 

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