eft Weekly Newsletter 20th March 2014

Africa up, Ukraine down; Logistics CIOs report back; Lineage buy again...have you even heard of them?

There are two conflicting articles this week about emerging markets. We have another article on the fall-out from the Ukraine crisis and what it means for supply chain and logistics companies in the region – Adam Chazanow argues that it may actually result in a positive impact for neighbouring stable countries as investment moves away from Ukraine. On a positive note we are delighted to have an article from Charles Brewer who heads up DHL Express in Sub-Sahara Africa. He talks about the huge potential that this region is now starting to realise

Earlier this month we held the 16th Logistics CIO Forum in Dallas, and we are excited to give you access to the full event debrief featuring the presentations, summary of the main topics and associated industry reports – I hope you find it of use and please forward to your CIOs and senior leaders.

Some interesting news too from Lineage Logistics of yet another acquisition (I think they are competing with XPO to see who can do the most acquisitions). Lineage Logistics are the second largest refrigerated logistics company in North America, and perversely also probably one of the least recognised names as the company has grown through piecing together many smaller companies. I think it’s about time they spent some marketing dollars to get their brand out there…I know of a good newsletter they could sponsor and a great 3PL Summit they could attend to dramatically increase their exposure ;0)

Next week I’m delivering an S&OP presentation at the Hughenden Supply Chain Club from a recent survey we completed, so hopefully I can share the results with you and report back from this event. 

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News This Week:

Crisis in Ukraine: opportunity for Central & Eastern Europe? 

The current political turmoil in the Ukraine, coupled with an increasingly business-hostile approach from Russian authorities, is causing a ripple effect of anxiety among retailers, manufacturers, and investors in neighbouring geographies

'Great Things Awaiting Africa’ reports Charles Brewer, MD, Sub Saharan Africa DHL Express
With an expected 6.1% economic growth in 2014 for the sub-Saharan Africa region, Charles Brewer explains why now is the time to invest in Africa

Post Conference Debrief Released: Logistics CIO Forum, Dallas, 2014 
eft has put together this debrief, giving you the latest you need to know on big data, visibility, ROI on IT & Technology Investment and lastly, innovation and trends for the future

Lineage Logistics to Acquire Millard Refrigerated Services
Lineage Logistics has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Millard Refrigerated Services, a national third-party warehousing and logistics company headquartered in Omaha, NE

More Bargaining Power to Discount Stores, Retail Frontier Shifts 
As the global economy staggers and consumers remain austerity-oriented, dollar stores or discount stores are presenting a more viable model 

UK Freight Forwarders Welcome HS2 Stimulus

(BIFA) welcomes HS2 Chairman Sir David Higgins’ report HS2 Plus, if it helps to increase confidence in the financing, feasibility and benefits of the massive infrastructure project 

Is Georgia Part of Your Supply Chain?
Given that it boasts both one of the largest ports and airports in the US, as well as having more track miles than any other southeast state and access to interstates that run north, south, east and west, what’s the outlook for Georgia? 

Featured This Week: New Column: More Bargaining Power to Discount Stores, Retail Frontier Shifts by Vivek Sood

Vivek Sood’s brand new column examines how small discount and dollar stores have achieved extreme growth and “retail brands such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar have opened an average 2,000 new stores each”. He moves onto explain how “bargain stores have an opportunistic supply chain with an unstable stocking model. With little supply chain planning and low margins, can they sustain their growth over the giants once the latter figure out how to catch up, or expand?”. Sood ends his article by identifying how big retailers such as Walmart can exercise their supply chain power to narrow the growth gap between themselves and the discount stores.

Featured This Week: Post Conference Debrief Released: Logistics CIO Forum, Dallas, 2014

eft has put together a post conference debrief following the Logistics CIO Forum giving you an analysis on the key themes of the conference - big Data, visibility, ROI on tech investment and IT innovation & irends for the iuture, access to the PDF presentations from the event, a complimentary copy of the Logistics CIO Report, created in collaboration by HP & eft and the most interesting snapshots from panel discussions that took place at the conference.

Featured This Week: Webinar: Supply Chain – The Walgreens Supply Chain Mission: An Interview with SVP of Supply Chain, Reuben Slone

Supply Chain – The Walgreens Supply Chain Mission: An Interview with SVP of Supply Chain, Reuben Slone will take place on Friday March 28th at 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern. Rich Sherman, Principal Essentialist, Supply Chain Management, Trissential and author will chart how companies can find innovative approaches to supply chain challenges, exploring market signs from a people, process and technology perspective. Rich will then interview Reuben Slone, SVP of Supply Chain at Walgreens on the company’s future strategic plans, cross-functional relationships and innovation activities.

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