eft Weekly Newsletter 13/03/14

Ukraine, Cybersecurity, Winter Weather - How it Affects Logistics & Supply Chain; S&OP Survey; Walgreens Supply Chain Update; Two New Webinars and One 3PL Video

My mission today was to use a word in my opening remarks that I have never written or said before (my colleagues at eft would say it should be ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘yes, I was wrong’).
However, the word is ‘multitudinous’….and this week we have a multitudinous amount of business intelligence resources to share with you. There is a really interesting survey on S&OP (please complete or forward onto your colleagues, as we will be releasing the results to share with everyone in a few weeks) and 3 very timely articles on how the winter weather has affected the logistics industry in the USA, how the Ukraine crisis could impact the supply chain and logistics industry and an insight into cyber security and the supply chain.

Plus, there are two upcoming webinars that you should sign-up for. Reuben Slone the Supply Chain Chief of Walgreens will be revealing his company’s future strategic plans, which should be really interesting and the second webinar looks at 3PL-Customer relationships, which is always fun. Even if you cannot make the live presentation, please register, as you will still get sent the recordings after.

Lastly, take a look at the quick 2 minute video about the 12th 3PL Summit and CSCO Forum in Chicago in June – 600 top executives will be there, and what’s more - it is your companies participation in these events that funds eft and enable us to continue producing all the complimentary business intelligence resources for you ;0)


News This Week: 


Logistics Winter Stats from John Wagner Jr.
John Wagner Jr. looks at problems facing logistics companies at the moment and provides a round up of current news and figures from the industry.

How Will the Situation in Ukraine Affect the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry? 
Aaron Block, CEO of BayRu LLC describes how the political situation in Ukraine/Russia creates concerns

Cybersecurity and the Supply Chain
The recent cyber-attacks on US-retailers Target and Neiman Marcus have brought security risks to the spotlight 

Ian Veitch Appointed MD Europe - Yusen Logistics
Yusen Logistics announces that Ian Veitch, Managing Director of Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd, has been appointed to the position of Managing Director of Yusen Logistics (Europe) B.V


How Important is S&OP in Your Supply Chain?
eft is conducting a survey to understand how important S&OP is and the benefits that might be gained through its use. Fill it out now and receive all of eft’s latest research

Walgreens’ Supply Chain Mission and A Look at Logistics-Customer Relationships – complimentary webinars
More and more manufacturers and retailers are relying on outsourcing the logistics side of their business


Video: The 3PL Summit Strives to Tackle Industry Uncertainties, Opportunities and Challenges
Hear from the CEOs of CEVA, Echo and DSC as well as VPs of Supply Chain and Logistics from Electrolux and Office Depot as they share their key reasons for participating in the Summit


Featured This Week: Survey: How Important is S&OP in Your Supply Chain?

eft is conducting research on Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and how it is perceived within your business. This survey will only take 5 minutes and no individual responses are reported, your answers will remain anonymous. The survey looks at how widespread the understanding of S&OP is within your company, the involvement of the corporate management in this process and the benefits you might have gained through the use of S&OP. 

Access the survey here

Featured This Week: Webinars: Walgreens’ Supply Chain Mission and A Look at Logistics-Customer Relationships – complimentary webinars

As pressures mount to increase revenue for all supply chain stakeholders, how can LSPs and Shippers develop mutually beneficial relationships, and how can manufacturers ensure that their internal strategies are equally supported? To answer these vital questions, eft have organised two in-depth, high-level complimentary webinars for you: 

Logistics - Customer Relationships and The Future of the Industry- will take place on Tuesday, March 18th at 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern. Kate Vitasek, Lead Researcher Vested, University of Tennessee will be take you through a Dell-Genco case-study delving into vested outsourcing, exploring how to take the guesswork out of structuring a 3PL relationship and contract. Greg Aimi will then present Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Global Third Party Logistics providing you with background on the Logistics market-place, and the directions it is set to take in 2014.


Sign Up Here  

Supply Chain – The Walgreens Supply Chain Mission: An Interview with SVP of Supply Chain, Reuben Slone will take place on Friday March 28th at 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern. Rich Sherman, Principal Essentialist, Supply Chain Management, Trissential and author will chart how companies can find innovative approaches to supply chain challenges, exploring market signs from a people, process and technology perspective. Rich will then interview Reuben Slone, SVP of Supply Chain at Walgreens on the company’s future strategic plans, cross-functional relationships and innovation activities.


Sign Up Here


Featured This Week: Video: The 3PL Summit Strives to Tackle Industry Uncertainties, Opportunities and Challenges


With major uncertainties in the air surrounding the economy, the emergence of new technologies, developments in supply chain innovation and changes to emerging markets, the logistics industry is searching for opportunities, trends and ideas to help lead the way through the coming year.

As uncertainty, opportunities and changes ensue, eft has brought together the leading supply chain and logistics experts including the leaders of CEVA, XPO, Neovia, BNSF Logistics, Transplace, NFI, HP, Walgreens, P&G, Dell, Verizon, Big Lots, Abbott, and over 60 more at the 2014 3PL Summit, Chicago (June 11-13) to uncover which trends, issues and game-changers logistics stakeholders need to plug themselves into to challenge commoditization, keep-up with innovation and seize market-share in  emerging economies. 

To understand why executives attend the 3PL Summit, and what they get out of it, eft have put together this 2 minute video.

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