eft Launches Annual 3PL Contracting Report

Logistics Customer Satisfaction Drops, Shippers and 3PLs on Different Wavelengths - make sure you download the report


The 3PL Selection and Contracting report breaks down many of the crucial components of one of the key connections in supply chain: the LSP-shipper relationship.

"The report represents a thorough analysis of the selection and contracting process of contract logistics from perspective of both logistics service providers and their customers – namely manufacturers and retailers" says event director, Haley Garner.

Click here to view the infographic now and downlaod the report

Key findings included:

  • 40%+ of manufacturers and retailers expect their logistics providers to have some understanding of driverless vehicles
  • 19.2% of Manufacturers and Retails are already using 3D printing in their businesses
  • 94% of industry executives think drone delivery is inevitable
  • 43% of industry executives think the Internet of Things will have a huge impact on supply chain and logistics.
  • 4% increase in customer dissatisfaction
  • China remains a primary target for growth for 3PLs and Customers alike

eft creates the report every year during our research into the 3PL Summit, an executive-level logistics gathering in Chicago, this year happening: June 16-18. If you’d like to discuss more on these topics, and join executives make sure you come along.

Contact the event director for more information: Haley Garner

hgarner@eft.com - +44(0)2077249


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