Considerations You Need to Know Before Selecting a Warehouse Facility

Picking a warehouse is a huge task. Selecting the right warehouse can save your business time and money. While choosing a subpar facility can lead to total disruption of the supply chain. This article includes a list of considerations for selecting...


1. Location (location, location, location). Where the warehouse is geographically will play a critical role for the rest of business operations.  Consider its proximity to the labor force. You will want to easily be able to hire quality labor. Ensure that your product is close enough to the consumer for prompt delivery. Also, consider the distance of the warehose to your carrier.  Finally, be sure that there is plenty of space around the warehouse for trucks to move in and out of the area with ease. 


2. Cost. At the end of the day, everything in business comes down to cost.  The business must be able to comfortable afford the warehouse while still making a profit.  Consider a balance between warehouse costs and transportation costs.  An inexpensive facility that is located far from the consumer may come with overwheming transportation costs. 


3. Dock.  When selecting a warehouse site, one of the most important factors is the shipping dock. It is easier to purchase a warehouse that has docks to suit your needs. Consider the size of the door, the number of docks and the accessability to the doors. 


4. Size. This one might seem obvious.  The warehouse must be able to fit the size of your company and inventory.  Especially if you have a relitively new company, you will want to make sure there is room around the facility to expand.  This flexibility can save time and money when it comes to business growth. 


5. Regulations. This one goes along with location. Check local ordinances to see what types of goods can be stored in the building.  There can also be restrictions on the time of day trucks are allowed to travel in the area. 


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