CEVA launches new China-Europe railway service

Saving customers freight costs and improving transit times

CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, today announced the launch of a new China to Europe railway service.

CEVA’s new China-Europe railway service connects Suzhou in China with the Netherlands in Europe. The total transit time for the whole journey is approximately 28 days, covering an 11,000 km northern route moving from Suzhou in China, across Russia to arrive in the Netherlands 

This new route follows the successful trial service which CEVA conducted for a customer in the Technology sector. The trial shipment arrived earlier than the planned date by five days.  The unique railway service offering by CEVA brought significant cost savings to the customer compared to Airfreight, as well as shorter transit time of 13-15 days compared to Oceanfreight.  The flexibility of daily schedules departing from Suzhou makes it an attractive railway service route connecting China and Europe.

For the trial service, the shipment was loaded during China’s spring festival travel season, the well-known peak season of rail transportation in the country, and the container went through Europe at extreme cold temperatures as low as -38 degrees centigrade.  CEVA not only provided GPS tracking and visibility throughout the journey, it also provided specially insulated packaging materials to protect the products against extreme cold temperatures and, likewise, will provide packing to keep products cool in the container during the hot summer climate. 

Martin Thaysen, Executive Vice President, China says: “This new service provides more options for customers to optimize their supply chain by integrating different transportation modes.  We are constantly aiming to provide innovative solutions to customers and this is a good example of where we combined our experience in China’s domestic network coupled with our international freight solutions and continues to optimize our customers’ supply chains. We developed this new railway route as a unique service offering for customers to take advantage of the flexibility of daily departures from Shanghai and Suzhou, the significant cost savings compared to Airfreight and much shorter transit time than Oceanfreight.”



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