Attract More Truck Drivers Using Online Job Boards

In the transportation industry, competition is fierce. It is a constant struggle for carriers to attract and retain top-quality talent to fill their need for drivers. Today, I will discuss a few tips for carriers to attract more truck drivers online. I’...

How to use Online Job Boards to Recruit the Best Drivers Possible

The means of attracting drivers to your company have changed drastically in the last decade. With so many candidates conducting their job searches online, many carriers utilize the vast reach of Internet job boards to get in front of qualified drivers. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your job board listings. Many of these recommendations can even be implemented on your company website as well.

Company Culture:With all the noise in the transportation space, it's important to communicate culture and perks beyond pay and benefits. There is always another carrier paying more per mile. Creative benefits ranging from custom trucks, flexible scheduling, and rider programs help your company stand out amongst the hundreds of other companies competing for the same driver. Social media is a fantastic tool for showcasing your company culture. If you have an engaged following online, I recommend linking your job board listings to your social profiles. Filming a short company video is another great way to highlight a carrier’s culture, but we’ll talk more about this a little later.

Details Details Details:Something that prevents job seekers in any industry from applying for a position is a lack of accessible information. When a job listing provides only a vague or generic description, potential applicants may get the impression the carrier is trying to hide something. Some drivers may even worry that the carrier is attempting a bait and switch, attracting talent with a generic job description and then adding other, less desirable, tasks to the driver’s workload. If you want quality drivers to join your team, be transparent from the start. Provide helpful details about the open position as well as your company.

Contact Information:Another thing to remember when posting your job openings online is to make it simple for applicants to reach the appropriate person if they have any questions. Even after including a detailed description of your position, drivers may want to get in touch with a representative to ask a few additional questions. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your company’s level of communication with its employees and prospective employees.

Challenges for Carriers Looking to Hire Quality Drivers and how to Manage these Challenges

There are several challenges involved when seeking out new talent. Here are a few of the common obstacles and possible solutions for hiring managers in the transportation industry.

Retention:This is a huge issue in the transportation industry, and it's very common for trucking companies to poach from each other. As difficult and costly as it can be to recruit talented drivers, it is more expensive to lose them. A retention strategy has to be in place to make sure that the investment into recruiting a driver continues to pay off. Some trucking companies include "mileage rewards" which reward drivers who reach certain milestones in their career. 

Standing Out:As I mentioned earlier, it can be tough to stand out as an employer in the transportation industry. Drivers are looking through dozens—if not more—job descriptions per day, spending little time on each post. According to a study by TheLadders, it takes job seekers an average of only 50 seconds to determine that a position is not a fit for them. And they are typically won over in about 77 seconds if a position sounds like a match. So your best-case scenario for a text ad is approximately 77 seconds. That’s not a lot of time when you’re up against some stiff competition. My suggestion? Consider making a video to enhance your recruiting efforts. Ongig conducted a study showing that candidates spend an average of 5 minutes and 23 seconds watching a video job posting (when they opt into viewing the ad). That’s huge!

Though I wouldn’t recommend creating an individual video for every position you hire for, think about making a short video that features real employees to showcase your company culture (There it is again! This “company culture” thing must be important). An added benefit of making a company video is that you can publish it on YouTube and on your website to reach an even larger audience.

Young Drivers:Drivers between the age of 24 and 29 are becoming a very important demographic for hiring managers in the transportation industry. These young job seekers are spending a considerable amount of time online every day, specifically through their mobile devices. The ubiquity of smartphones has created an undeniable need for carriers to maintain a web presence that is mobile friendly. It’s also a good idea to make sure any recruiting sites you partner with are also optimized for mobile devices. Search engines favor websites that are mobile friendly in search rankings. So if your site is not optimized properly for smartphone and tablet users, your company stands to miss out on a lot of qualified candidates.

About the Author:

Emily Long is an Online PR Specialist for All Truck Jobs, a leading career resource for truck drivers and owner operators. The team at All Truck Jobs has worked with hundreds of trucking companies to help them secure more drivers online.

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