Ann Drake Launches AWESOME Initiative for Women’s Leadership

Ann Drake who will be speaking at the 3PL Summit launches a new women's leadership initiative for the supply chain industry. It is being officially launched on May 9, 2013 with a Symposium organized by Drake, chairman and CEO of DSC Logistics. The...


"Now that the field of logistics and supply chain management is more about strategic thinking and collaboration, we should be seeing women as leaders in every aspect of the profession," explained Ann Drake. "What we've found is that women are rising to new levels, but there is still much untapped potential."

"The goal of AWESOME is to bring the leading female supply chain executives together and explore all the new connections and collaborations that can result," she continued.

After working for months to identify top women leaders in a broad definition of "supply chain" involving fields from manufacturing and retail to third-party logistics and consulting to space and aviation, Drake and her team have contacted nearly 400 women in senior executive roles. “We were surprised to learn that women who have achieved leading roles in supply chain, for the most part, have never met – and AWESOME will change that,” said Drake.

The initiative also will provide opportunities for executives to exchange ideas about programs and activities that successfully develop women leaders at the company level.

Last October, Drake became the first woman to receive the industry’s highest award – the Distinguished Service Award given by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) – in the 47 years since the award was created.

The Symposium on May 9 features supply chain leaders talking about the future of the industry, a panel of male executives talking about women’s leadership, a discussion by emerging leaders on challenges they face, and a conversation with women leaders in other industries.

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