5 Educational Supply Chain Infographics Covering the SCM, Logistics, Transportation, Distribution and 3PLs

Adam Robinson from Cerasis oversees five examples that reveal interesting data, best practices, and tips related to the supply chain, logistics, transportation, distribution and 3PLs industries.


#1: “Taking the Lead in the Supply Chain”



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This is an infographic by CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) covering the results from a survey of classified corporate supply chain operations professionals on key areas that are driving success and promotion in the supply chain.

The infographic really focuses on 4 key ares:

  • Leadership in the Supply Chain: The fact that the supply chain continues to have more focus by leadership in companies with more companies giving more and more influence in the organization to those supply chain officers.
  • Gaining an Edge with Visibility: The supply chain infographic then breaks down how great of upstream and downstream visibility supply chain professionals have
  • A Focus on Analytics: The infographic stresses how a focus on data and analytics can help a supply chain gain a competitive edge
  • Flexibility: The infographic concludes by stating that those who are able to adapt quickly to change, or are more flexible in the supply chain tend to see better profits.


#2: Your Distribution Center Runs On Salt


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The distribution portion of the Supply Chain doesn’t always get the glory it deserves. However, often, a mastery of distribution within the supply chain can lead to higher profits and greater efficiency. This distribution supply chain Abco Automation, a material handling company who designs distribution centers focuses on 4 areas on how to effectively run your distribution center, which they coin “S.A.L.T.”:

  • Space
  • Accuracy
  • Labor
  • Throughput


#3: Trucking Facts


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The next supply chain infographic is naturally going to first start with transportation and the driving force behind American transportation, trucks. As a North American focused third party logistics company, our focus on transportation technology and transportation management is our lifeblood. We have great interest in the facts around the Trucking Industry, and this infographic from Part Smart, and Automotive Aftermarket company, hands out some great quick facts about the trucking industry. Truck drivers haul nearly 70% of the nation’s freight – over 10 billion tons. Considering we have a consumer-based economy that records trillions in monetary exchanges, you might get the idea of just how big the transportation industry is (and it continues to grow). Less than 6% of the 3.5 million of America’s professional truck drivers are women.


#4: “If Trucks Stopped” from CDL Life


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Again, we love to focus on transportation and primarily trucking, as we help shippers with transportation management around Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping (as well as small package and full truckload freight management), so we love this infographic from CDL Life which paints an apocalyptic break down of what would happen if trucking went away! It’s a fun one that goes from what will happen in the first 24 hours, the first 2-3 days, the 1st week, the 2nd week, and beyond!


#5: “Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a 3PL”


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We wish we could say we made this infographic, but we did not. However, even though the infographic is made by another 3PL, we felt there is a lot of different capabilities by a 3PL and at the end of the day, once you decide you want to hire a 3PL, you need to first understand your own needs (which you can find out with our handy checklist here) and then match the 3PL you seek out to those needs. The five points World Trans points out here are still great reasons to hire a 3PL no matter the specific services our technology the 3PL offers:

  • 3PLs equip you with vast resources
  • 3pLS save you both time and money
  • 3PLS lower your risk
  • 3PLS give you maximum supply chain control
  • 3PLs allow for scalability and flexibility

For more information on the ins and outs of third party logistics, why they are beneficial, or just what are the various types out there, we encourage you to read our 3PL category of our blog posts to learn more!


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