10 things eft’s been reading this week

It’s a war out there!

Put on your helmets as the grocery market is going to war! Online competition is now established from the likes of Amazon and others, such as Google and Tencent, are looking hungrily in. This is leading to pressure on the established players, who are increasingly looking at the online segment and to greater automation and work distribution. For us in the logistics sector this means more demand for distribution centres, warehouse automation and shippers but it will also mean pressure to deliver tight turnarounds at competitive costs. Therefore, in this week’s 10 things we look at the grocery sector and what that means for us.

Watch out: Google is getting serious about grocery. [The Grocer]

Amazon Hasn't Done To Grocers What It Once Did To Barnes And Noble. [Forbes]

Walmart Relies on Crowdsourcing to Complete Grocery Delivery's Last Mile. [Progressive Grocer]

Supermarket 'mini distribution centres' are the future of e-commerce logistics. [The Grocer]

Goldman Sachs, Tencent Led $450M In Chinese E-Commerce Grocer. [Seeking Alpha]

Kroger to test grocery pick-up program at Walgreens stores. [Reuters]

Online Orders Force Supermarkets to Rethink Their Stores. [Wall Street Journal]

Aldi to open 130 new stores and three DCs. [Logistics Manager]

Waitrose unpacks groceries while you’re out. [BBC]

Weis Streamlines Supply Chain With New Grocery Technology. [Progressive Grocer]

Brands such as Target, Walgreens, Kroger and Amazon are regular attendees to the D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit, so book your ticket now!

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