10 things eft’s been reading this week

Avoiding extinction and rebellion through green tech

A sustainable supply chain that uses less energy and has less impact on our surrounding world is not just good sense for the planet but for business as well. As noted in this week’s 10 things, the US green economy alone is worth $1.3 trillion, creating its own supply chain, and there is an increasing need to get ahead of the regulations likely to be enacted over the next decade aimed at decarbonising the supply chain. Have a read through some of the big changes coming as a result of carbon and the initiatives being enacted to reduce it.

Users and polluters will pay in drive towards major cut in transport emissions. [The Loadstar]

US green economy worth $1.3 trillion per year, but new policies needed to maintain growth. [Phys.org]

H2Haul for fuel cell trucks starts in Europe. [electrive.com]

The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America. [New York Times]

Amazon's Emissions Bigger Than Some Rivals, Trail Walmart. [Bloomberg]

Industry disputes claim that LNG trucks emit more NOx than diesel. [Automotive Logistics]

Tools to Help Reduce Freight’s Climate Impact. [Material Handling & Logistics]

MOL scales up wind ambitions. [Splash 247]

Volvo to roll out a new electric vehicle every year through 2025. [TechCrunch]

TIM demos how 5G could reduce port emissions. [Mobile Europe]

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