10 things eft’s been reading this week

Tracking trends in IoT

This week in our vast corner of the internet we look at the things invading that space as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more embedded in the supply chain and helps to address a number of issues, such as visibility, picking, cargo protection, bureaucracy, theft and fraud.

The Mobile Supply Chain: Six trends to watch. [Logistics Management]

4 ways to monitor the cold chain inside the warehouse. [Supply Chain Dive]

Nike boost supply chain efficiency with RFID tracking. [Logistics Middle East]

CIOs Consider Trade in IoT Spending Decisions. [Wall Street Journal]

Many blockchain use cases need IoT to succeed, and more. [ZDNet]

IoT becomes weapon to fight supply chain complexity. [Gadget]

IoT-enabled shipping containers sail the high seas improving global supply chains. [Network World]

Track-And-Trace As The Catalyst To Supply Chain Efficiencies. [PYMNTS.com]

IoT in Logistics: Edge vs. Cloud Computing Analytics. [IoT World Today]

Cloudleaf raises $26 million in series B funding to improve supply chain operations. [IoTNews]

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