10 things eft’s been reading this week

What does an efficient warehouse look like?

What’s does the super-efficient warehouse of the future look like? A micro-fulfilment centre close to the customer? A vast energy efficient space covered in solar panels? A robot-dominated, hyper-automated space? These are just some of the experiments ongoing in the warehousing space as it is rapidly being transformed as a result of cost and time pressures. This week we take a look at these and more to find out what an efficient warehouse is and how it operates.

Is this the world's most sustainable building? [BBC]

Distribution Down Under: How AIVs are smartening up Toyota’s new parts centre. [Automotive Logistics]

Manhattan Associates: Margin erosion is turning the spotlight on the warehouse. [Supply Chain Digital]

How recommerce innovator Yerdle is navigating the hurdles of complexities of retail. [GreenBiz]

Zoro: Five eco-friendly, cost-saving warehouse strategies. [Supply Chain Digital]

Google – Your Next Generation Warehouse Control System Provider? [Logistics Viewpoints]

ShopRite pilots automated fulfillment center. [RLI UK]

Micro fulfillment moves underground. [Grocery Dive]

8 ways warehouse construction has evolved. [Construction Dive]

Warehouse Voice Technology Speaks for Itself. [Logistics Management]

To find out more get down to the Fundamentals of Warehouse Efficiency workshop at the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Europe this October in Brussels. To get you even more fired up, here is a primer on slotting that is free to download now.

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