10 things eft’s been reading this week

Talking across the supply chain

Multiple players, lengthy email chains, delays, lost orders, reams of paperwork. Sound familiar? For a lot of players across the supply chain these headaches are often a daily mountain to climb. There is a burning need to have a more open and communicative process across the supply chain, and this is what we are looking at in this week’s 10 things, as a blizzard of APIs, platforms and new tech rush to help address this business need.

10 Top Logistics APIs. [ProgrammableWeb]

Digitalization: Logistics providers invest — and hope for the best. [JOC.com]

Supply Chain Collaboration Needs Blockchain. Here's Why. [SupplyChainBrain]

project44 rolls out additions to Advanced Logistics Visibility Platform. [Logistics Management]

4 Ways Modern Freight Forwarding Reins In Logistics Management. [Forbes]

Chinese digital logistics platform YunQuNa secures $70m cash injection. [Splash247.com]

Walmart joins MediLedger, a blockchain pharma supply chain project to combat counterfeit drugs. [Cryptonewsbytes.com]

Hardwiring supply: Creating traceability in the supply chain. [Food Manufacture]

Adoption of XPO Logistics Carrier App Tops 22,000. [Nasdaq]

Turkcell’s supply chain management transformation is driven by technology and communication. [Supply Chain Digital]

If you would like to hear panels of speakers talk about topics, such as freight matching, blockchain and digital connectivity, then check out the Logistics CIO Forum: North America, taking place this November in Austin, Texas.

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