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High hopes for hydrogen

Last week we covered the race to go electric in the transportation sector. This week we are looking at a competing technology – hydrogen fuel cells. Despite not being as lauded or as well-known as electric vehicles in the current environment, fuel cells have enormous potential and advantages where batteries are weak, such as range and reliability. Can this competing technology come up to scratch and work alongside electric or even supersede it?

Audi not giving up on hydrogen fuel-cell. [Motoring]

China to support hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles to go green. [Reuters]

The man who ushered in China’s battery vehicle boom wants to do the same for fuel cells. [Quartz]

Ballard Next-Gen Fuel Cell Modules to Power Freight Trucks in Canadian Hydrogen Project. [Yahoo Finance]

Hyundai To Deliver 1,600 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks In Europe? [insideevs]

Give them more air and fuel cells can zoom. [Automotive News]

ACT Panel: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Face Off With All-Electric Batteries. [Transport Topics]

The Evolution of Hydrogen: From the Big Bang to Fuel Cells. [Visual Capitalist]

Is hydrogen internal combustion a better idea than fuel cells? [Green Car Reports]

Hydrogen fuel cells could star in long-endurance UAVs. [FlightGlobal]

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