10 things eft’s been reading this week

The electric vehicle debate rages

It’s all kicking off when it comes to electric vehicles, with debate raging within the automotive industry, between political parties and among the public. This week we take a look at whether these vehicles are the clean saviours they claim to be and whether

A $255 Billion EV Debate Is Raging Among the World’s Biggest Automakers. [Bloomberg]

Why electric cars are a hot topic in Australia's forthcoming election. [New Scientist]

Electric cars: separating the facts from the propaganda. [The Guardian]

Pure Electric Vehicles Enter Phase of Fastest Growth Report Claims. [Interesting Engineering]

Auto Makers Could Face Hefty Losses Meeting China’s Electric-Vehicle Mandate. [Wall Street Journal]

The World’s Biggest Electric Vehicle Company Looks Nothing Like Tesla. [Bloomberg]

Consumer shift towards electric vehicles and hybrids. [FleetPoint]

Why Are Electric Vehicle Sales Low? Psychology Provides Clues. [Scientific American]

If Electric Car Maker Enovate Can Produce An EV With A Solid-State Battery, Everything Changes. [Forbes]

China’s Electric Buses Save More Diesel Than All Electric Cars Combined. [SingularityHub]

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