10 things eft’s been reading this week

Rising costs – rising automation

As part of the research for our Hot Trends and State of Retail reports we have found that increased spending on, and deployment of, automation is going to be key in 2019. So, in this week’s 10 things we have a look at what encroaching automation will mean for the supply chain from the shop floor to the top management.

AI is coming, AI is coming. [Supply Chain Management Review]

Automation spending pays off for UPS. [Supply Chain Dive]

2019 could be a big year for robotic process automation. [Supply Chain Dive]

From The Stack To The Floor: How The Logistics Of Warehouse Production Is Changing. [Forbes]

Predictions in Logistics Automation in Warehouses. [Construction Business News]

Supply Chain Automation Surges. [Inbound Logistics]

White paper: Three ways logistics providers are automating costly manual processes. [ITWeb]

Automation Is a Game Changer for E-tailers. [Inbound Logistics]

The future of logistics made real by AI and automation. [The Business Times]

Automated logistics: A new reality. [Industry Europe]

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