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A chill wind blows through battery technology

As the polar vortex passes and a warmer time of year dawns for us in the northern hemisphere, we can be thankful. Electric vehicles makers less so. This is because the extreme cold revealed a flaw in the technology, with batteries declining in performance as the mercury shoots downwards. As this is the frontrunner technology to replace carbon fuels, we need the technology to improve rapidly so we can transition to a cleaner supply chain. With this in mind, alongside our article of the week, we also take a look at the advances, downsides and potential of batteries to help power the supply chain and transportation networks of the future.

AAA confirms what Tesla, BMW, Nissan electric car owners suspected — cold weather saps EV range. Even turning on the car drains power. [CNBC]

A Realistic Look at Rechargeable Batteries. [Advanced Science News]

Toyota and Panasonic Charge Together Into Electric Car Batteries. [Fortune]

Germany to fund research facility for EV battery technology. [Reuters]

Honda Announces Partnership With China's Largest Supplier of EV Batteries. [The Drive]

Tesla bought a battery company, and it’s more about cash flow than batteries. [Quartz]

Graphene And Gold Nanowire, The Future Of Battery Tech Looks Promising. [MySmartPrice]

10 disruptive battery technologies trying to compete with lithium-ion. [Solar Power World]

Ion age: why the future will be battery powered. [The Guardian]

Researchers Developed New Battery Tech That Won't Be In Smartphones Anytime Soon. [Android Headlines]

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