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A more developed supply chain puts us at increased risk

It is an ironic downside to our incredible innovation in moving goods globally that this very success has in some ways made us more vulnerable. While agricultural trade passing through the Turkish Straits has increased more than nine-fold since 2000, at its widest point ships pass through a body of water less than half a mile wide. This means that this critical trade route could be cut by a geopolitical incident in an instant. It’s not just basic commodities either, as the potential for disruption is even more severe for our most complex products. Aircraft manufacturers are finding themselves stretched to fill orders even with minimal disruptions. Few things are throwing the huge requirements we place onto the supply chain and its attendant vulnerabilities as starkly as Brexit, which looms large over the UK economy and is causing stockpiling and warehouse shortages. Toyota revealed that is has just four hours’ worth of parts in its factory to supply the production line. Therefore, in this week’s 10 things we have a look at the risks that lie in wait for us, both of our own making and the acts of God that can sever even robust supply chains.   

Choking On Our Harvest: Threats Loom Over Global Food Trade. [Bloomberg]

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Walgreens to link up with FedEx on next-day drug delivery as Amazon nears. [Reuters]

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