10 things eft’s been reading this week

The fuel of future

This week we take a look at the energy market, both short and long term to see how it will affect costs and strategies across the industry. From the perspective of shippers, it looks like we are in for rising costs. New regulations on container ship emissions are rapidly approaching and the switch to cleaner fuels is going to mean increased costs for the lines, which it seems are going to be passed on to customers. Meanwhile, the price of oil is trending upwards, with a $100 a barrel cost now seem more likely than at any time in the last four years. These price rises are more for the short term as alternatives continue to make progress and will add competition, but sometimes at a high cost, as can be seen in the Bloomberg article on the potential environmental cost behind each electric car. This is adding up to an exciting mix that promises much change in the not-so-distant future.

From clean fuel regulations, to the not-so-clean side of electric cars, and from oil futures to whether it’s the energy of the past, read through this week’s 10 things to get a grip on what does and will power your fleet.

Low-sulfur fuel cost uncertainty weighs on shippers and carriers. [Supply Chain Dive]

Freight association fumes over sulfur surcharge. [Global Trade]

$100 Oil Is A Distinct Possibility. [Oilprice.com]

The Dirt on Clean Electric Cars. [Bloomberg]

Forklift revolution gives fuel cell technology a welcome boost. [Financial Times]

The Electric Vehicle Battery Market's Enormous Potential. [Statista]

Big Oil Should Be Worried About Amazon’s Battery Play. [Bloomberg]

Hitting the gas. [Automotive Logistics]

DPD opens first electric parcel depot in London. [Logistics Manager]

How Energy Efficiency Impacts Your Operations’ Bottom Line. [Material Handling & Logistics]

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