Work on New Hampshire's first wind farm gets underway

The construction of New Hampshire's first wind farm has reportedly got under way. The 400-foot-tall turbines will be built on a ridge on Lempster Mountain in Lempster and generate enough electricity to power about 10,000 homes.

Iberdrola Renewables is in the process of putting up 12 turbines, reported The turbines have started to pop up on Lempster Mountain, where winds consistently blow above 15 mph, shared spokesman Paul Copelman. Each turbine in the Lempster Wind Farm is 256 feet tall, from the ground to the center of the rotor, and each has three blades that are 139 feet long.
"The Lempster Wind Farm is the company's first renewable energy project in New England," Copleman said. "We believe this is one of the best wind resources in the state of New Hampshire," he said, adding that it's not only important for a wind farm site to have strong and consistent winds; it also must be within reasonable distance to transmission lines that can carry the power to the electric grid.

When construction is complete, the company will connect the turbines to a transformer and send the electricity generated into the public electric grid through regular power transmission lines.

After three years of planning and permitting, Iberdrola had received the last of the required state approvals last year.

Copelman reportedly said Iberdrola Renewables has applied for permits for wind farms with 20 turbines in Massachusetts and 17 turbines in Vermont.