Wind project owners discuss turbine operations and maintenance in Toronto

London, September 25, 2014 – Wind Energy Update is pleased to announce it has launched its Wind Turbine Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit that will be hosted in Toronto, Canada.

Until recently, turbine Operations and Maintenance has been in the shadows of project development in Canada. Now, a significant shift has been seen as wind farm owners and operators seek advice, solutions, services and technology to address their operational challenges.

The Wind Turbine Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit, supported by the TechnoCentre éolien, Québec’s lead wind energy research and technology transfer centre, is a 150 person strong conference designed to help wind power project owners and operators minimize power production losses incurred as a result of harsh climatic conditions and optimize their wind turbine generator performance.

"We are thrilled with the successful launch of Canada’s first technical O&M specific meeting" said Wind Energy Update Head Jon Harman.

He added "We are indebted to our official supporters, the TechnoCentre éolien team, the international speaker faculty who have committed their time to this meeting, and our sponsors whose professionalism, resourcefulness and perseverance have all contributed to this achievement.

"We are proud to collaborate with Wind Energy Update on this seminar and offer a specific session on cold climate in Operation and Maintenance. It’s a very unique opportunity for companies to dig in and get a better understanding of these issues in order to face them. We need to share on those realities to enhance the cold climate as a strength”, according to Frédéric Côté from TechnoCentre éolien.


Features of the Summit include:

• Wind turbine gearbox, generator and condition monitoring: Discussions focussed on ways to see premature wear, cracks and issues in your drivetrain and methods for fast repair so that the turbine stays operational for as long as possible

• Wind turbine blade protection & repair: Insight into the latest advances on how to mitigate production losses resulting from icing, lightening and leading edge erosion

• Navigate cold climate challenges: Leading research and technology led talks on how to maximize operation time for turbines during periods of extreme cold and snow using highly valued equipment and strategies

• Wind turbine optimization tools to increase power production: Technology providers evaluate the different optimization strategies and technologies that will provide a real increase in power levels

• Workforce management: Case study information on how others have found and trained a competent team to perform only the best service for O&M work

• Build a stronger supply chain: Debate how to build a supply chain plan to source parts at a reasonable price without compromising on quality or longevity


For more information on the event, speakers, sponsors and supporting partners, please visit the website:


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About the TechnoCentre éolien
Founded in 2000, The TechnoCentre éolien (TCE) is a research and technology transfer centre that supports the development of the wind energy industry. Its main areas of interest are cold climate, complex terrain, micro grids, as well as operation and maintenance through applied research and technological aid to organisations.
TCE provides economic development assistance by helping companies integrate this industry’s supply chain. It also stands out through it actions in communication and events