Siemens confirms higher output for Green Port Hull

Siemens has chosen to go for a more efficient wind turbine blade manufacturing facility at Green Port Hull. The plan is to develop a facility on a single site at Alexandra Dock in Hull.

By Ritesh Gupta

The move will pave way for an increase in production from the initial proposal of 450 blades a year to 600. Previously the plan was to set up blade manufacturing facility in nearby Paull.

The amendment will allow the blade plant to sit alongside the wind turbine assembly and servicing facilities being developed at Alexandra Dock.

Siemens mentioned that the design of the new blade plant means there would be 20% higher output in a plant which is 15% smaller than the original design. The company believes that such continuous improvement will enable it to industrialise the manufacturing of offshore wind turbines.

Work has already begun on Alexandra Dock, preparing the area for the building of new facilities. The company stated that plans to establish 1,000 direct jobs, through the £310m investment on the Humber, is unchanged.