PPG to enable OEMs to produce larger, more powerful turbines

PPG Industries' commercial coatings group is assisting original-equipment manufacturers with the development and application of advanced coatings and materials for wind turbine blades.

The company has produced coatings and fiber glass used in wind turbine blades for more than 30 years collectively and has intensified its focus in the last 24 months.

PPG is continuing to develop coatings to protect tower and turbine components for longer periods of time through the most extreme conditions along with coatings that de-ice and de-bug turbine blades.

The company is developing products for Europe, Asia and North America.

"We're helping our OEM customers with products that take cost out of their process, increase turbine energy output and improve overall turbine durability. With our broad geographic footprint, we can support this emerging industry on a global basis," said Dave Chapman, PPG global marketing director, commercial coatings.

The company supplies advanced protective coatings for turbine blades and towers as well as fiber glass for composite blades. PPG proprietary wind energy products include:

·          Selemix polyurethane coatings and primers for extended life and improved performance of turbine blades;

·          PSX and Amershield protective and marine coatings that combine aesthetic appeal with corrosion and weather resistance onshore and offshore, and

·          HYBON 2002 and 2026 fiber glass roving, which enable a better bond between fiber glass and resin for stronger turbine blades.