North Dakota appoints a specialist to attract wind energy firms

The State of North Dakota is focusing on making European turbine and turbine component manufacturers aware of the range of wind industry resources and opportunities available in the state.

For the same, it has retained Deyton Bell, the Cambridge-based professional services firm, for its international business development expertise.

To tap the potential that exists, Deyton Bell will approach and engage with European wind energy businesses on behalf of State Officials.

North Dakota claims that it is providing more available wind for development than any other state (is ranked first in wind energy potential by the U.S. Department of Energy). To date, DCS has awarded 28 grants for wind monitoring projects throughout the state, helping to find optimal sites for harvesting wind.

North Dakota is already home to DMI Industries, which produces commercial wind towers, and Denmark-based LM Glasfiber, which manufactures fiberglass blades for the industry. It is home to 715 megawatts in completed wind energy projects with 149 megawatts in process and 5,405 megawatts proposed.