Iberdrola Renovables opens Páramo Vega wind farm

Iberdrola Renovables has opened the Páramo Vega wind farm, located in the Huérmeces and Valle de Santibáñez municipalities in Burgos. It has an installed capacity of 18 megawatts (MW).

The new wind plant, which required an investment of €25.1 million, was built by Iberdrola Renovables Castilla Y León, a company in which Iberdrola Renovables is the main shareholder.

The Páramo Vega wind farm was constructed in 10 months and is outfitted with state-of-the-art G90 wind turbines, built by Gamesa; each unit has 2 MW of capacity.

"We would highlight that this facility, which evacuates the electricity it generates onto the grid through the Páramo Vega substation -20/132 kilovolts (kV)-, will be able to produce the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of close to 8,400 households," stated the company.

The company, which already has 904.25 MW of wind power plant operative in Castilla y León, had 8,487 MW of installed capacity at the close of the third quarter of 2008. Castilla y León represents 20 percent of Iberdrola Renovables' entire installed capacity in Spain, the second largest of the 13 provinces where the company operates.

The company's installed wind power capacity in Spain stands at 4,450 MW.